Monday, April 30, 2012

Iron Man Recast? Robert Downey, Jr 'Would Really Hate' That

The actor tells MTV News he expects to play the superhero 'for a long while.'
By Kevin P. Sullivan

Robert Downey Jr. at the "Avengers" premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday
Photo: Getty Images

With the Avengers finally assembling next week, Marvel Studios and the stars behind the heroes have already begun to look ahead to the next films set in the comic-book universe. At the closing night celebration of the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday night (April 28), Robert Downey, Jr. spoke with MTV News about the future of his character, Iron Man, and addressed recent talk about other actors playing the role in the future.

At CinemaCon last week, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige mentioned to Badass Digest that when it came time for Downey to leave the role of Tony Stark behind, a new actor could pick up right where he left off, like in the James Bond films.

But Downey told MTV News on the red carpet that he wasn't so thrilled about the idea of someone else playing Tony Stark. "I would really hate for someone else to think they could step into my shoes," he said. An infamous jokester, he couldn't help but ask, "I wonder who's playing Tony Stark next. Is it you? Is that what you're here to tell me?"

But Downey can't be Iron Man forever, and while the 42-year-old actor couldn't say for sure how many movies he has left in him, he made clear he'll be interested as long as they remain good films.

"I know things are looking like that they could go on for a long while," Downey said. "As usual in my book, it's all about quality control and delivering a product that you can have this kind of reaction to. If they keep doing that, maybe I'll keep showing up."

In Downey's immediate Marvel future, there's next year's "Iron Man 3." The past few weeks have seen actors like Sir Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce and Jessica Chastain potentially joining the cast, and Downey said that he could not wait to work with "any or all of them."

"It's funny. Sometimes you have to call for a good old-fashioned British invasion," Downey said. "'Iron Man 3' is really shaping up to be something special. We start in a couple weeks. I'm sure I'll be leaking secrets to you as we move ahead."

What secrets, you ask? Well, it was recently announced that "Iron Man 3" would be co-produced in China. As for whether any filming would take place in the East, Downey was less forthcoming. "I'd like to tell you all my secrets," he said," but I forget them."

Check out everything we've got on "The Avengers."

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Evening Dog Blogging: Reader Dogs (Theagitator)

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Lenovo's Eedoo CT510 motion gaming console to finally hit China, wants your $600

$600 Lenovo-funded CT510 console to finally hit China, even company director unimpressed

Product delays that push back release dates a full year are never good. What's worse? When that product finally does launch and even someone inside the company votes against it. That's exactly what's going down with the CT510 GameBox, the Eedoo Kinect competitor for the Chinese market. Though it's gone through a fair share of reincarnations before arriving at its current config (it was formerly known as the eBox), the final package has a dual-core CPU, a minimum of 250GB in HDD storage and a 3D GPU, and comes pre-installed with eight games and ten apps. All told, it will cost a cool 3,799 yuan ($600) when it ships on April 29th -- some very ambitious pricing, considering that the imported Xbox with Kinect (the console isn't officially available in China) already sells for about $459 in China, according to M.I.C. Gadget. A director from the Lenovo-backed company seems to agree: in a Sina Weibo poll asking users whether they'd buy the product (pictured after the break), he selected the answer, "No way! Price-to-performance ratio too low." Though to be fair, the gentleman later clarified that it was an honest mistake, and that his company is targeting the high-end family users instead of the core gamers. Well, we shall let the sales figures do the talking.

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12 Mechanical Flight Sims from Aerospace's Analog Era [Design]

And you thought testing the F-117 was a feat? In the days before building a full-scale 737 mock-up in your garage was possible, flight schools and even NASA relied on mechanical simulators to train pilots. Our friends at Oobject have collected 12 of the most advanced simulators of the day. More »

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President Obama pokes fun at himself, his GOP opponents and the Secret Service (Washington Bureau)

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The Seven Forces Disrupting Venture Capital

shift keyFor the past two years, I have read or glanced over what seems like hundreds of blog posts and thousands of tweets from people who either directly claim or indirectly hint at a disruption of traditional venture capital. For some, the factors related to the economy, that limited partners and especially institutional investors were reviewing their investment approaches. For others, it seemed as if there was too much money in the venture asset class, that there was too much money chasing too few real opportunities. There seemed to be a long laundry list of why venture capital was undergoing this shift, but never any thread that could lay out all the factors and synthesize just how each factor contributed to shift. That is, until now..

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday News Dump (talking-points-memo)

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Sensu Artist Brush Capacitive Stylus Review

If you enjoy painting on canvas, you might find that you also enjoy “painting” on an iPad. Or if you’ve never painted before, doing so on a tablet is fun and way less messy. I am a doodler and don’t claim to have any talent whatsoever. I just enjoy drawing cartoons and thingamabobs whenever I’m [...]

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Justin Bieber, Jerry Visit Great Britain

Justin Bieber visited Great Britain this week, and he didn't arrive alone.

The singer was accompanied to DJ James Barr's - who dubbed himself James BELIE-Barr for the purposes of this interview - radio show with Jerry. Who is Jerry, you might ask?

It's the name fans have given Justin's penis. No, really! After the artist dishes on his excitement over performing June 9 at the Summertime Ball in London, watch below as he gets to the topic on the minds of girls everywhere. We're very sorry, Selena Gomez...

What do you think of the name for Justin's unit?

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Visions of Channing Tatum [The Frisky] Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez at a Girls’ Night Out [HollyWire] Take the 7 Days of Sex Challenge [Right [...]

Happy Friday! Stupid Celebrities Gossip Stupid Celebrities Gossip News

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Pick: Meet the Instagram of Japan [App Of The Day]

For some, the novelty of Instagram might eventually wear off. There are only so many ways to improve your mostly mediocre pictures. But Pick builds on the idea of altering your photos with filters and adds some extra features with an awesome twist. More »

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