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It can be a challenge to enter the field of Psychology where you will be working with patients who experience psychological disorders. Such disorders have a way of preventing individuals from all walks of life from performing as they should whether that is in their personal or professional lives. Behavioral disorders have a way of leading to destructive attitudes and mentality.

Proper training helps psychologists develop tactics for working with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds to help change undesirable behaviors and thought processes. These professionals deserve a reasonable salary for the work they perform.

The psychologist salary will always depend on their chosen field. It can be difficult to ascertain correctly what salary they will earn due to the many variables that come into play. Some factors to be concerned with are the specialty area, the industry area they will work in, and whether they are in private practice or employed by a large corporation. At the same time, state and local government psychologist salary will differ from that of federal compensation.

The most reliable source for statistics concerning salaries and wages is the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. They periodically compile data and create analysis of statistics on wages and salaries. Below you will find an analysis of psychologist salary. The first set of numbers reflects the expected salary for psychologists working in schools, the clinical setting as well as general counseling.

As you view the following figures remember that these are only averages with the middle 50% earning between $48,700 and $82,800 while the lowest 10% were earning under $37,900 and the highest earning 10% had salaries over $106,840.

Health Practitioner Offices $68,400 Secondary and Elementary schools 65,710 State Government 63,710 Care Centers for Outpatients 59,130 Services for Individuals and Families 57,440

Psychologist salary was then averaged according to the industrial-organizational setting, and here are the results for that.

The average salary for psychologists in the industrial and organizational area was around $77,010 annually. Salaries for the middle 50% was from $54,100 to $115,720. The 10% of those on the lower end earned less than $38,690 and the upper 10% earned $149,120 annually.

As stated before, there are many factors that go into determining an actual psychologist salary. There will always be variables to consider, but the two main ones will always be the location the psychologist is working and the amount of experience they bring to the table. Understanding these factors will help when it is time to decide on your career path.

A career in psychology is a lucrative choice as the psychologist salary is very high compared to other health professions. To find out more about this exciting career, please visit my website: Psychologist Salary

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