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Are You Experiencing Side Effects From Prescription Drugs For ...

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The benefits experienced by many patients usually outweigh the potential exposure to problems with the drug. Further, most of the more common side effects of Klonopin are mild and don't usually persist for an extended period of time.

In addition to potential physical responses to the medication, some patients may experience Klonopin side effects that cause emotional symptoms. These symptoms may include severe depressive symptoms, thoughts of doing injury to yourself or others, irritation, excitation, memory loss, and diminished comprehension.

Any observation of emotional side effects similar to these and/or abrupt shifts in the patient's usual demeanor should be discussed with a physician immediately.

Very rarely, patients experience more dangerous side effects from taking Klonopin. Signs of a severe reaction to Klonopin may consist of easily bruised skin, increased blood loss, high body temperature, and a lingering sore throat. To prevent the experience of severe side effects of Klonopin, you should make your doctor aware of any history of liver or kidney illness, respiratory issues, severe emotional concerns, or a consistent abuse of drugs or alcohol.

Additionally, patients who have a severe allergy to the medication may experience an extreme reaction to Klonopin. Signs that may indicate an allergic reaction include skin irritation, swelling that affects airways and obstructs breathing, and excessive lightheadedness. If you have experienced a reaction in the past to other drugs similar to Klonopin, you should advise your physician before taking the medication.

Despite the known effects that Klonopin can have in adults, there is some danger in prescribing Klonopin to children, as the long-term effects of the medication in young people have not yet been identified. As such, the benefits of any treatment in younger individuals should be weighed against any potential emotional or behavioral issues that may come up in the future.

Any Klonopin side effects experienced are completely dependent on the individual patient taking the medication and reactions may not be included in the list above. Severe side effects or reactions that persist should be discussed with a physician right away. More information can be found at this site: klonopin side effects

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