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Self-Improvement: Where To Start | Healthy Lifestyle Plus

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Self-Improvement: Where To StartSelf-improvement is a process, whose stimulus is usually past failure, an unwanted experience like living from one pay check to another with no extra money to spend, bad lifestyles like being overweight, lack of self-confidence or gambling, loss of a loved one, or an end to a relationship.

The result is an improvement of your life, taking control, getting your life back to normal or creating the future you want.

To put it in another way, getting the best out of yourself.

In order for someone to help themselves improve, they must first of all identify areas that need improvement in their lives, health, relationships, prosperity or whatever.

There is also need to understand who they are, their capabilities, weaknesses and uniqueness and be honest about it.

It will be useful to state these in writing and regularly refer to them so they remain focused.

Another important area to point out is for them to identify how they think they will be able to achieve their goal. So, a written action plan should then be put in place. This is achieved by self-enrichment of their mind, character and attitude. It requires effort, patience, perseverance and commitment and this change does not come easily.

Self-improvement e-books, home training programmes or life coaches are available online if one thinks they really need someone to help support them.

Self-enrichment of mind, character and attitude are done by continuously exercising your mind with positive thinking.

This is when one repeatedly tells themselves that they are just as good as anyone, can get better and can achieve anything in life. While this sounds easy, is the most difficult and yet a very important part of self-improvement. This is so because of the way we have been raised, who we are, our values and beliefs.

It is also the constant conflict with the subconscious mind that needs to be kept in check if one is going to achieve their goal of self-improvement.

Another important area is goal setting. It is necessary that you start with short term, simple, easily achievable goals, possibly in a day, before you set big goals that will take you a while to achieve. Setting huge goals that take a while to see results usually bring in procrastination. To stay motivated, it is necessary that you set simple goals first.

Setting a routine and self-discipline are the other skills required in achieving self-improvement. These can not be emphasised enough as they have a huge impact on your success. Results can only be seen when you stick to them and they help you stay motivated as well.

Identifying self-defeating behaviors like doubting your own ability to achieve, the ?I can not do this or this is for the rich? and addressing them permanently is also important. Rewarding yourself-is also important when you have achieved even the simplest of your set goals. It will help you stay motivated.

It is worth noting also that self-improvement is not an overnight thing but a process as already stated so stick with it, be faithful to yourself-and remember, it is alright to slide back a bit. As long as you realize that you are falling behind and pick yourself-up again, you will be able to achieve your goal of self-improvement.


Article by Kay Maruta

About the Author :?Looking to improve yourself, then claim your life back and create the future you want. Go on and grab yourself-a sensational personal development audio by visiting self-improvement is very much possible if you know where to start.

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