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One month ago today, my sons dog was lost while he and a friend were hiking in the desert north of Phoenix. I felt as if my life has been on hold, waiting to get on with it until she was found. She was, 27 days after she was lost, she is our miracle dog! It's quite a story and I intend to write about it.?
I am once again sick, this time with a stomach virus and have not been able to sit up until last hour or so. I think all the extra stress has gotten to me. So sadly I once again did not get around to reading and commenting on your linked up post. But our Daisy is home and doing well, and it's all good! I have a picture here of her before she was lost, I didn't want to post her recent pics?because?they look pretty bad as you can imagine after 27 days! She's such a good dog and so loving. Her eyes look older and weary, and she is having a little issue with?separation?anxiety, but she is our same ole Daisy.
It snowed here this week too, and here is a pic of the parking lot at a local mall. I'm so glad Daisy wasn't out in that! We never know what is waiting for us just around the corner do we? Thank you for coming every week, I appreciate you all very much and think of you as my online family.?
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