Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CS:GO: Copenhagen Games 2013 invited teams | SK Gaming

Copenhagen Games has given out 16 invites for the main tournament.
These 16 teams will receive a spot directly into the main tournament, without participating in
the qualifier, while 16 teams will join the main tournament from the qualifier.

As we moving faster with big steps, this month it's gonna be busy for us and it's gonna be watched by the fans of the 32 teams from this tournament and they gonna fight for ?33,000, the second-highest prize purse since the game hit the shelves.

Over the last weeks, we have seen a lot of teams from all the globe signing up in this tournament and doing tactics and seeking games. The organizers of the event have been picked up 16 top teams, who have been granted direct entry into the main competition. The teams who were left out will have to play the qualifier, which will take place one day before the main competition, to fight for one of the remaining places in this competition.


I'm looking at this list and i don't see PL ESC Gaming or US Quantic Gaming and i wonder why i don't see them on the invite list. Maybe they didn't apply for invite for this tournament, which this it was necessary for all the teams that we gonna see in action. Let me show you now the teams that have been signed-up to play. Also, it's a surprise to see unu.AiN team to play at CPH GAMES 2013


It's gonna be interesting to watch the SE Epsilon team that have now a WRTT duo in the lineup. Stay tunned for more fresh news about Copenhagen Games 2013 who is gonna start on 27 March.

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