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Bring Your Feet Back to Life with Foot Waker - The Health Authority

You can always buy over-the-counter medications, prepare a hot or cold compress, and rest your feet to relieve yourself of foot pain. There is one innovative product however, that can recondition and provide longer, more permanent relief for your feet- the Foot Waker. This is a simple and inexpensive device that can alleviate relief for the most common foot pain that can also improve body strength

The Foot Waker is one of the many products that master teacher and healer Yamuna Zake has included in the Yamuna Foot Fitness technique. The Foot Waker is included in the Yamuna Foot Fitness DVD which primarily focuses of foot health that could translate to strengthening the whole body, too. The Yamuna Foot Fitness DVD is a simple program which provides techniques for alleviating pain and improving blood circulation of the feet.

The Foot Waker is a pair of hollow plastic, half-spheres which are covered with knobbles. It mainly helps with foot problems such as:

-?Fallen Arches or Flat Feet: When you don?t see that arch-like form in the inside of your feet or when you notice that you leave complete imprints of your feet, then you have Fallen Arches or Flat Feet. Aside from an abnormality which may be present at birth, fallen arches may also be caused by stretched or torn tendons, nerve problems, or rheumatoid arthritis.

-?Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Pain is common among athletes and overweight people. It may also happen when you stand, walk, or run for long periods of time and when you don?t wear comfortable or well-fitted shoes. You may experience the pain upon getting up from bed in the morning or when taking your first few steps after a long time sitting.

-?Morton Neuroma: Ever experienced a burning and sharp pain on the balls of your feet? That is Morton Neuroma. You may have a swollen and inflamed nerve between the balls of your feet which are also benign tumors in your foot?s nerve cells. The pain may also extend towards your toes especially when you are walking or running.

-?Hammer Toes: If you feel pain with your odd-shaped toes, you may have are called Hammer Toes. Your toe may appear to bending downward to the floor. Aside from maybe having the rest of your kin have odd-looking toes, there may also be a problem with the muscles surrounding your toes and feet which caused you to have them. It may also be brought about by poor blood circulation and having little or no feeling at all on your feet.

Aside from relieving your feet of these problems, the Foot Waker and the whole Yamuna Foot Fitness DVD (which costs $61.95 in total) comes with instructions which will provide different techniques in how to properly use and move your feet while sitting, walking or standing. You may also be able to improve your sitting or standing posture and also add a new healthy routine for your feet.

It may look like the Foot Waker isn?t much but if you are looking for a very simple device with obvious benefits, then you should get this. Proper care of the feet and relief from feet pain is important because you use your feet daily in almost any type of activity. It is only right that you get the best care there is for the most worn-out and often times neglected part of your body and bring your feet back to life.


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