Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gene and Shannon Simmons on Adoption

Last night on the latest episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels the subject of Shannon wanting an adoption came to a final conclusion. This has been a long and tortured road for the Simmons family as Gene, along with their children, Nick and Sophie, have been opposed to Shannon adopting a baby. Meaning, her sister Tracy also reached a major decision on her desire to use her last frozen embryo and have a baby as well. So how did it all go down? Gene and Shannon Simpson reach a decision about adopting a baby. Image Credit: Chris Hatcher / PR Photos. The show begins with Shannon telling Tracy all about the trip to Africa and how her plan to get Gene in the mood for adopting may have backfired. Meanwhile, Gene is consoled by both Dr. Ann Wexler, his marriage therapist, as well as by his son Nick, to be direct and honest with Shannon about his reservations. Back at Tracy?s house, Emily, her oldest daughter, arrives after a chat with cousin Sophie about Tracy?s obsession with having another baby. Emily is concerned about her mom?s age and health, but seems to cave in when Tracy discusses the subject with [...]

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