Wednesday, January 11, 2012

iPad falls 100,000 feet and survives (Yahoo! News)

The iPad may not have been blasted off to space aboard a shuttle like its sibling the iPhone, but it has reached 100,000' above sea level attached to a weather balloon. It also fell from that altitude after the balloon burst ? and survived its crash landing on a rocky hillside in Nevada. If you're wondering how the iPad remained fully-functional, it's because it was protected with a 6-ounce Extreme Edge case by G-Form, which is the company behind the project.

"It's the first iPad that's ever free-fallen from space and survived to play more movies," says G-Form's Vice President for innovations, Thom Cafaro. It's worth noting, however, that outer space doesn't technically begin until 328,084' above sea level. Regardless, the iPad surviving a 100,000' free fall is still more impressive than the company's previous stunts. G-Form once sent an iPad skydiving from a height of 1,300', and tossed another one out of a Porsche speeding at 113 mph.

G-Form is exhibiting its full line of products and unveiling its new iPhone case at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

[via Space]

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