Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Ikea Television? Why Not?

Ikea, by contrast, is just a place you go when you need to furnish a new house or a new room. If those furnishing plans happen to involve buying a new television, and Ikea has a bunch of integrated TV solutions right there in the showroom, you just might decide to buy one. Rather than comparing the Uppleva to someone else?s TV, you?re comparing it to the prospect of picking out a piece of furniture to put the TV on, then going to some other store to pick out your set and other AV equipment. Enthusiasts will certainly want to do that, just as anyone who gets serious about cooking ends up selecting better tools than what?s available in the Ikea kitchen section. But for your basically indifferent consumer who just wants to be able to watch some shows and play some music, it sounds like a great idea. The profit margins can come not from any special attribute of the Uppleva?s technology, but from the overall strength and convenience of the Ikea brand. In a world of good enough technology, the ability to avoid an extra trip may be all the selling point that?s really needed.

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