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Red Hat Summit: Does Innovation Start There?

Jim Sinur
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2 years at Gartner
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Here in Boston, I attended my first day of the Red Hat Summit and came in with a burning question. Is this going to be a ?geek fest? or is there something that business should take notice of now? I do have some answers. First off, there were more business casual folks than ?Linux Penguin T shirt? folks, so I was curious about the innovation that Red Hat was talking about.


Paul Cormier led it off with a comment about ?IT has no right to exist? and then went on to describe how IT infrastructure tools, provided by Red Hat, would make IT better?? Consistent cloud architecture with bottom up bespoke applications running on middleware. Well this is not really new other than it is more open than the other ?buy the stack Jack? proprietary vendors. IT innovation, maybe business innovation; NOT. It?s like having new underwear under the same old clothes. I?m unmoved.

Ifran Kahn from SAP then talked about decision latency that leverages the kind of infrastructure that is needed. It requires high speed over big data sources online in the cloud. Real time insights that requires speed now makes me warm up.

Adam Burden from Accenture then talked about their commitment to 40000 JAVA developers to build, leverage and convert? applications. I would have been fine had Adam talked about Pace Layering leveraging process in a surround strategy, but that didn?t happen. Unmoved again.

I think I?m not going to have a good day. IT, IT & more IT. Then the tone switched to financial performance(really boring, but positive potential for Red Hat) and press announcements on cloud and storage. Still no BPM and business innovation, but I?m hoping for a better rest of the day.? The next sessions are more ?one on ones? with the BPM folks and they went well. The next blog will summarize where the real Red Hat business innovation will come from going forward. It isn?t just open IT infrastructure in the cloud, but? that is a good base to start.

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