Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thread: New to me freebies - Family Woodworking

The guy next door wanted to thank me for cutting his grass the past 5 or 6 weeks while his hand healed up after having a bone in his thumb replaced. This morning he came over & presented me with these little beauties he snagged at a garage sale...

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The planer was attached to the stand, but I barely have enough room to pass gas, so it{the stand} will either be disassembled & stored or passed onto someone who can use it. He had no idea what the clamps were used for, but he picked up both the 32"36"? & the 50" for $5.00..after I explained the clamp uses we decided he should keep one for himself{besides, I told him that I knew where he lived if I needed the larger one }...He wouldn't say what he paid for the planer, he just smiled and said he was still "way ahead"...great to have good neighbors, or good to have great neighbors, either/or, I'm blessed to have quite a few on our little street!

I don't know much about this planer except it works fine, it seems. Though I will be making it a permanent home of some sort with in-feed & out-feed tables, currently set-up, it leaves about 2-3 inches of snipe, but hopefully some fine tuning and the possibility of some of you having a tip or two to share will square away most of the bugs I might encounter.

Anyways...sorry for rambling, I'm still giddy over this....hope you all have a great weekend, and be sure to at least wave hi to your just never know...

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