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6 Fascinating Social Media Stats - R & R Web Design

Have you been putting social media marketing on your ?to do? list?

Perhaps you have set up a business Facebook page and Twitter account and have not found the time to post or tweet as often as you had hoped.? Then, at a local business meeting, a friend mentions that Pinterest has recently opened up Pinterest pages for business and suggests that you should set one up. You may be feeling overwhelmed and wondered if social media marketing is worth the effort while you added one more thing to your ?to do? list.

What if you were shown fascinating statistics on how social media has become an essential part of how consumers engage online?

Social media and social networking are no longer in their infancy. Social media continues to grow rapidly, offering global consumers new and meaningful ways to engage with the people, events and brands that matter to them.? ~ Nielson and NM Incite, Social Media Report 2012

Nielson and NM Incite?s report offers an extensive and comprehensive research analysis on the behavior of a unique U.S. audience for social networking.? It is crystal clear that social media marketing is here to stay.? Below are six fascinating facts from the report.

  1. 20% of consumers? PC time is spent on social networks
    Although down 4% over the previous year, the largest category for social media is still the PC.
  2. 30% of consumers? mobile time is spent on social networks.
    An increasing number of people are connecting to the Internet for longer periods of time.? Mobile Internet use is exploding with smartphones and tablets.
  3. 17% of consumers? PC time is spent on Facebook.
    Facebook is the leading social media destination in the U.S. with over 152.2 million unique PC users.
  4. 24% year over? year increase in time spent on social media>
    Despite the decline in the PC?s social media audience over the previous year, the overall YOY time spent on social media grew due to the increase in mobile and mobile app social media usage indicating that ?users are more deeply engaged.?
  5. There has been a 1047% increase in unique visitors for Pinterest.
    The top social media network growth was in Pinterest with a phenomenal 1047%.? Other stars include Google+ with an increase of 80% (September 2011 vs. July 2012), Tumblr with an increase by 55% YOY and Twitter increasing by 13% YOY.
  6. There has been a 37% year over year increase in minutes spent on social media.
    Social media usage in the U.S. for PCs and mobile devices has increased an astonishing 37% to 121 billion minutes in July 2012 as compared to 88 billion minutes in July 2011.

The evidence is compelling. ?It is clear that social media has become vital way for consumers and businesses to connect and interact.?If you had social media marketing on your ?to do? list, would you agree that it is time to take it off the list and start being social?

What do you think?? Are you surprised by any of these stats?

Social Media Stats Infographic

6 Fascinating Social Media Stats 2012

About Nielson
Nielson is a global information and measurement company that specializes in collecting and measuring the shopping and media consumption of an estimated 10 million consumers worldwide.? The U.S. Social Media Survey 2012 is based on a representative sample of 1,998 adults 18 and older.? Nielson?s full report can be read at: ?Social Media Report 2012

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