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Easy Writing PackageWinner ? Writer?s Digest Best Writer?s Site ? Critters Best Writer?s Info The "World?s Foremost Writing Guru" Wants to Make YOU a Very Special Offer ? My Entire Easy Writing System ? Available Right Now!

We all make resolutions ? and writers in particular have their favorite ? to write that novel!

Well, now you have no excuse ? I?ve put together my very best resources to help you. Including the opportunity to be personally mentored ? by me ? for 30 days and beyond!

If you aspire to be a best selling author, this proven and acclaimed Easy Writing System is all you?ll ever need ? and that?s guaranteed!

Because writing good and profitable fiction is fast and fun ? especially if you do it The Easy Way!

Do you yearn for the prestige, fame and riches that result from being an author?

Do you want to get out of debt, tell your boss where to go and become a happy and successful published writer?

Would you like to know all the tricks and strategies of the professionals ? without having to spend YEARS learning them!

Listen. A mere month from now, you could have written a brilliant novel, full of excellent characters, compelling action and an ingenious plot. Wouldn?t your friends and family be totally amazed? Wouldn?t you feel fantastic about it? Sure you would!

And that?s not all ? with a good book to your name, soon you could be a published author. Imagine that ? fame, money, respect, the ability to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted! Does all this sound like your dream come true? It doesn?t have to be a dream. It?s all perfectly possible. Ask yourself:

Are there events in your life you?ve always had a desire to write about?

Do you then tell yourself (wrongly!) that you don?t have the time, the talent or the energy to write a whole book?

Here?s what an international literary agent has to say about the Easy Way to Write a Novel System:

Because with step by step, no nonsense tips, techniques and simple strategies, this system will enable you to turn your most treasured dreams into reality.

Best of all, whilst writing for no more than an hour or two a day, you?ll be able to finish an entire novel ? easily ? in less than a month. Guaranteed!

Most people &ndash even some professional writers ? think that writing a novel is hard. That it?s something that requires dedication, talent and heaps of spare time.

Amateurs think it?s something that only others can do. These are some of the most persistent myths that surround the writing process.

Based on uniquely valuable information gleaned from twenty-five years of writing and working with hundreds of writers, artists, screenwriters, agents, producers, directors, managers and publishers, I promise this program will take you on an exciting journey.

It?s a frank and thorough road map to success. You will learn how to write fast and well and easily ? in fact, probably faster and better than you ever thought possible!

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