Friday, December 7, 2012

Missouri Town on Mission to Kill Pit Bull Pets, Residents Fight Back ...

Residents in Sikeston, Mo., are claiming their pit bulls pets are being targeted, their lives threatened. In fact, dozens of dogs were removed from their homes and risked immediate euthanasia.

One woman, Yulonda Mitchell, said her dogs ? which aren?t even pit bulls ? are licensed and up to date on their shots. She said they complied with the city ordinances, but still her dogs were taken by animal control officers.

Mitchell told FOX 4 Now she asked the officer why they weren?t trying to catch stray dogs. According to Mitchell, the animal control officer said, ?Those dogs are just too smart for us. We can?t catch them.?

Another woman, Holly Jobe, said officers nearly took her dog.

?They said they were going to take her because she does not like a man in uniform,? Jobe told FOX 2. ?And she tried to go after him because they were tampering with her property, and I told them they was not taking my dog.?

Jobe said she was then forced to comply with a long list of regulations that only apply to pit bulls in Sikeston ? regulations that include putting up a ?beware of dog? sign, buying insurance, putting a hard collar on the dog, take multiple pictures and more.

FOX 2 called the City of Sikeston five different times, but received no response. The pit bulls that were seized risked immediate euthanasia. To prevent their deaths, a shelter in Sikeston shipped 35 dogs to other shelters.

Over 300 people have sent letters to Sikeston City Council members asking for a repeal.

Read more on this story from FOX 2 Now.


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