Thursday, December 6, 2012

Going Out of Business Sales - Big Daddy Autism

We all know Griffin loves traffic lights. Like Bogie and Bacall; Griffin and Traffic Lights are a match made in heaven.? Whilst stopped at one of his favorites, Griffin spotted one of those kids who hold signs directing people to ?great? sales at nearby businesses.? Nowadays, this type of advertising has become an art form with the kids spinning signs, dancing and throwing the signs up in the air. It can be a bit amusing. But these signs did not amuse Griffin at all.


The advertisement was for a large, upscale furniture store located on the corner of the intersection. The signs indicated that the store was going out of business and you can get as much as 70% off! This particular store has been having ?going out of business? sales every year I have lived nearby. Twenty one years of going under and they are still in business. It?s a miracle. Not quite biblical; but close.


This is the first year they used the human sign holders to advertise their decades long going out of busness sales. When he spotted them, Griffin became agitated and nervous. He kept asking if Harry?s (not the real name) was going out of business.? He was almost panicked and we couldn?t figure out why. He had never been in Harry?s. We had never purchased as much as a throw pillow from that overpriced establishment. Was he concerned for Harry?s family and well being? The employees being added to the employment rolls?


Nope. Turns out, Griffin was worried if Harry?s went out of business, they would remove the traffic light we were under. This light (among around 47,000 others) is his ?favorite.? ?From a city planning point of view there is a semblance of reasonableness about this concern.? Less traffic = less need for a traffic light.? However, the WalMart, CVS, and Chevron station on the other three corners seemed to indicate that there would still be enough traffic to warrant a light. Did I mention that it is on an eight lane road that aways has more congestion than my nose during allergy season?? Finally, he has never, in his entire life, seen a traffic light come down once installed.


By explaining that the advertising was deceptive and, even in the unlikely event Harry?s went the way of the Twinkie, his precious light would remain.? This sort of calmed him down and he is no longer in deathly fear that this particular traffic light will be put out of service.


However, whenever we pass the sign holders, Griffin grumbles and glares at them. ?I think, once, I saw him give one of them the evil stink eye. Needless to say, we will not be getting our new dining room table at Harry?s.

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