Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Renters Warehouse closes on nearly $1 million investment from local

It wasn?t long ago that Renters Warehouse founder Brenton Hayden asked Ryan Marvin for help in 2009, asking then friend (Marvin) for a investment of $50,000.00 to help them become franchisable. Just as he was in then, he was equally in now investing $750,000.00 into the powerhouse property management brokerage that Renters Warehouse has become. ?Renters Warehouse is on pace to manage over 2,500 residential properties in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, and reach revenues in excess of $6 million dollars. Hayden won?t comment on profits, only stating: ?We have been profitable since the beginning, never once losing money since inception.? It doesn?t end here; Renters Warehouse has also sold 5 franchises, and expects to sell a total of 10 by the end of the year. Currently they have offices in Minnesota, Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, and a reservation of Georgia. Renters Warehouse was named the fastest growing privately held company in Minnesota, and #132 in America, by the 2011 Inc. Magazines list of 500 fastest growing companies. Hayden fully expects to be named on this list in 2012 once again, marking it their third consecutive year appearing.

As Renters Warehouse continues to grow in the Minnesota market and keep up with demand, they have hired 6 new employees, 4 new leasing agents, and expect to hire 5 more employees, and 5 more agents. And in an effort to attract top talent, Renters Warehouse is offering signing bonuses for experienced real estate agents. Much of the new staff being hired is to ?be proactive rather than reactive,? says CEO Brenton Hayden. ?The investment from my partner will allow us to drastically increase our advertising and staff so that we can continue to grab more market share.? Hayden goes on to say: ?Also, we plan to begin trying acquire local competitors and make investments into relevant technology companies. We have several new and innovative products that will shock the industry that we plan to launch sometime this year (2012), but before we felt comfortable launching them, we wanted to further solidify our financials.?

Sometime in March 2012, Hayden and Marvin acquired publically traded (WDBG.OTC) Webdigs and all of its assets through an investment arm they created called Fiontrai II. Webdigs, a once notable commission sharing Real Estate Company saw its ups and downs, to which Hayden and Marvin hope to revive. Webdigs is scheduled to re-open sometime in 2012-2013, says Hayden.

Renters Warehouse is Minnesota?s largest and fastest growing residential property management Company. Having rented over $1.5 billion dollars worth of residential real estate and currently managing over $300 million dollars worth of Minnesota property! Renters Warehouse is dedicated to helping every type of property owner lease and manage their residential real estate. It?s easy to see why Renters Warehouse is Minnesota?s landlord of choice: no fees upfront, cancel anytime and there?s no cancellation fee. Renters Warehouse will even assume all costs associated with marketing and advertising of your rental property. And the best part is, Renters Warehouse warranties all their renters unconditionally for 6 months. Sign up for their management services and Renters Warehouse will extend that warranty to an industry record ? 9 months! Renters Warehouse has the largest inventory of available rental properties in Minnesota. ?Find out what your property will rent for and how you too can have your property listed on


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