Monday, August 13, 2012

Shelly Silver Considering Coney Island As ... - Yeshiva World News

The following is a WCBSTV report:

A powerful New York lawmaker could be placing his bets on a Coney Island casino. State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is reportedly considering the historic site for a betting place. Willets Point in Queens is also being eyed as a possible casino destination.

Silver reportedly prefers the locations in Queens and Brooklyn over a location in Manhattan, like the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg insisted Monday that he?s never been a fan of gambling.

?I think history shows that wherever casinos are built the local communities, in spite of all the talk, very seldom benefit,? Bloomberg said.

The Daily News reported Bloomberg was leaning toward Willets Point over Coney Island as a gambling site but the mayor shot down the report.

?As God as my witness, I?ve never heard anybody ever suggest either one, and nobody?s certainly asked me,? Bloomberg said.

The mayor has said he understands the need to find new revenues, but isn?t convinced gambling is the answer.

However, if gambling is legalized, he?d certainly like the city to share in the revenues.

?If we?re going to have it, I think New York City should have it, and we should be able to get revenue for our needs, here,? Bloomberg said.



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