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Teach you to drink will never fall tips -

Teach you to drink never tips.Alcohol does not hurt the body!The boys all right, girls as your he turned right, keep you useful? One, before 1, before drinking wine, eating only eat 7 full, and can not be drinking lots of water.
(this is to leave I drink) 2, drink half an hour before, a bottle of milk, preferably pure milk or sugar, can prevent drunken gastritis and dehydration.Drink with sugar or honey milk, can not only promote the ethanol decomposition, and can protect the gastric mucosa.
As a result of dehydration can make salt loss, may be appropriate to drink diluted saline or rehydration salts.(most to save HA) 3, not fasting drink, because the fasting alcohol absorption fast, easy drunk; the best prevention method is in advance before drinking, eating oily food, such as fat,christian audigier pas cher, such as pork knuckle, or drinking milk, the fat is not easy to digest features to protect the stomach,converse chuck taylor, in order to prevent alcohol infiltration of the gastric wall.
This is not drinking drunk mainly know-how.Because it can make the in vivo ethanol absorption time.Two, 1, when drinking wine and avoid not drinking water,white dresses, lemonade and so on stimulating drinks, or in front of the milk drink; don?t and carbonated drinks like coke, soda drink together, this kind of beverage ingredients can speed up the body to absorb alcohol.

2, drink, can not be drained, to be divided into a few drinks.Beer, beer money must be dropped after another, otherwise, light up hard, heavy live.3, drink, drink yoghurt ? gap need not say, acid alcohol = water 4, because of alcohol on the liver damage is bigger, drink when we should eat more green vegetables, including antioxidants and vitamins can protect the liver.
Can also eat some beans products, which have liver protective effect of lecithin.In 5, slow is fast.Five minutes after drinking ethanol can enter the blood, 30~120 minutes when the alcohol concentration in blood can reach the top.
Alcohol, alcohol concentration in blood increases quickly, soon there will be drunk.If it slowly into the drink, the body can have sufficient time to decompose alcohol, ethanol produced less, is not easy to get drunk.
6, eat drink with.When drinking, eat what is most easily drunk?Best to eat pork liver.This is not only because of its abundant nutrition, but also because the liver may enhance organism to ethanol detoxification capacity, often drinking will cause the loss of vitamin B, vitamin B and liver are the most abundant food, so eat boiled or fried pork liver is ideal with food and wine.

Three, drink, drink 1 can not drink vinegar, tea sobering up,Ralph Lauren Polo, these are misconceptions, vinegar and tea can be anti.In 2, a drunken best not to drink tea, but you can drink tea.The tea polyphenols have certain protective effect of theophylline in tea, but can cause vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure,ralph lauren pas cher, exacerbate headaches.
If people involuntarily drink too much, can after eating some fruit, or drink some juice, because the fruit and juice in the acidic component can neutralize alcohol.Many people drink often do not eat, such harm is greater, should eat easy to digest food, than the Buddha a bowl of noodles is very good.
In 3, a dessert with fruit.Drink immediately after eating some dessert and fruit can be maintained without the state of intoxication.As the saying goes, ?eat drink sweet persimmon, will disappear, this is good.
?.Sweet persimmon,polo ralph lauren pas cher, fruit contains large amounts of fructose, can make the oxidation of ethanol, ethanol accelerated catabolism, dessert has almost the same effect.
In 4, but after drinking, can try drinking soup, especially with ginger stew soup, especially with the hangover effect.
5, drink such as the occurrence of vomiting, should immediately seek to mineral water bottle filling, lest the stomach nothing and vomiting blood.After 6, vomiting, can not be consumed immediately, especially the barbecue food.
In 7, before going to bed, please remember to put at the head of bed is a, so as not to wake, sleep for vomiting in did not arrive before the restroom is sprayed out.In 8, the next day, if a sense of gastric acid, please take AHC, such as gastric acid response after again and again.
Make sense 9, stomachache, applicable situation taking other medicine of stomach, and not taking painkillers, as painkillers for stomachache effect wins micro.Early 10, can choose milk, hot milk.If you require to work, can choose the pulsation, red bull and other drinks, in order to guarantee not to delay the work.Ralph Lauren Polo


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