Friday, August 24, 2012

Top 10 Tips To Play A Great Billiards Game

By: Akaash Prasad If you're looking for a leg-up for your next billiards match, here are ten tips to give you that extra something that your opponent might be missing.
  1. Chalk It Right Poor chalking is usually the reason your ball doesn't spin the way you want it to. Before you grab your pool cues from their pool cue cases very important to protect your cues and apply the chalk, make sure you know proper technique.

  2. Swing Through Just like golf, what you do before and after you hit the ball is just as important. Make sure your backswing is slow and smooth. You don't want to bring it back too quickly and rob yourself of time, and you don't want to take too much time staring either.

  3. Get A Ritual & Stick With It Before you even pick up your pool cues, visualize a checklist in your head of all the things you want to do when taking a shot. Then complete each of those tasks until they become second nature.

  4. Once You Commit, Commit You've got that ritual perfected so by the time you begin your shooting motion, there should be no hesitation. If you are still thinking of what to do as you pull back, you can be sure that you're going to miss the shot.

  5. Stripes vs. Solids Playing 8-Ball? Make a strategic selection. Your first move should be to take the billiard balls that give you the best chance to win in your first round. Otherwise, pick the ones that will prevent your opponent from running the table.

  6. The England Rule No matter what, keep calm and carry on. You're going to have bad breaks and unlucky angles. Don't get mad. Don't show your opponent you're rattled. Just stay positive and you'll get back into the zone.

  7. Nothing Wrong With Conservative Whenever you're stuck between two shots, take the easier, more conservative one. You're more likely to make it and keep control of the game.

  8. Use Physics, Then Don't There is a science behind the way to stand, move your arms and hit the ball. But once you start your motion, let go of the science and let your instincts take over. You can be analytical during practice, but the match is all about the moment.

  9. Humidity Matters The damper the pool table, the faster draw will rub off the cue ball. Keep that in mind as the match progresses.

  10. Breaking Good Your cue ball should be side spinning, not following, on the break upon impact.

About the Author:
Akaash Prasad is the Manager at QStix, a leading online pool accessories and billiard supplies retailer. QStix offers a large selection of billiard equipment like pool cues, pool cue cases, custom pool cues and many other supplies. QStix has all the billiards supplies you need in one place to make the buying process as easy as possible.

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