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Understanding the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling | Right Education

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In the past years, the talk regarding education has placed a focus on homeschooling. Many parents were found to be considering this kind of method for their children?s education. However, before considering homeschooling, the pros and cons of this educational approach must be thoroughly understood by parents. In as much as there are a lot of advantages that are associated with it, disadvantages of the homeschooling program also needs to be looked into. Here are some downside to homeschooling:

Sole Responsibility for Learning

In homeschooling, parents have the sole responsibility for their children?s education. This implies that parents are more liable to how their children learn. It is the duty of parents to provide quality education and meaningful learning to their kids with the use of their own abilities to teach. This can bring about stress as many parents are not equipped with the necessary skills to teach children effectively and the future of their children can be at risk if appropriate supervision of their education is not ensured.

Strains to Parent and Child Relationship

Dealing with tantrums and negative attitudes of kids regarding studying can be a great challenge. Since parents have the most authority over their children, attitudes such as this might spark negative feelings from parents that can be misinterpreted by the kids. While parents may sought to provide good education through homeschooling, the darker side of them may get tired of dealing with their children?s unacceptable behavior. Such a scenario can pose gaps between them and a strain in their relationship. Thus, patience is a virtue that every parent homeschooling their child must have.

Time Constraint

Homeschooling children will mean having to spend more time with them. Thus, management of household activities and other obligations can be stressful since parents has to allot a period for studying every day. Often parents get burned out because of such a time constraint. Further, having to pay more attention to the kids can mean lesser time for their own recreational activities and keeping track of children?s progress at all times. Such a situation can be both stressful and frustrating. There will be no time to take a break since parents are directly responsible for their children?s learning outcomes.

Financial Issues

Being able to be there to support the educational progress of their children is a requirement of homeschooling. The darker side of this requirement will mean having to be with your child constantly and giving up work in order to fulfill this. Thus, this implies a limited source of income for the family and having to live on a tight budget. More than this, it is necessary for parents to expose their children to various social opportunities that is not being provided by homeschooling. Paying for additional classes is deemed necessary and can be expensive. The added expense for these classes can hurt the family budget.

Like any endeavor, homeschooling has both benefits and disadvantages. It is essential that before deciding to pursue homeschooling, the darker side of the program is well understood. This will provide parents a heads-up of the dilemmas that they might encounter along the way and have a ready solution for them.

By Leonard Forbes


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