Friday, January 11, 2013

Donald Trump Invites President Obama To Play At His Golf Course

The size of the Trumpster?s and Hannocchio?s egos would shame the Black Hole.

Hannocchio is nothing but an opportunist. He is getting something out of this interview with the Trumpster, besides free ties that sit in his office in that mid-Manhattan skyscraper.

Obama has better things to do than to hangout with a bigmouth realtor, and a college dropout who has nothing in common with working-class Americans.

The Stop Hannity Express says Hannocchio is still miffed that he is banned from the White House for another four years, and Obama refuses to sit down for an interview with this Long Island shock jock.


We would step on landmines than step on your golf course, you crazy nut.


Your redesigned set won?t save you from declining ratings. Your audience is bored, and have moved on to O?Reilly?s show.


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