Monday, January 28, 2013

The Decayed & Blooming Blossoms

Megan?s boots hit against the concrete in a rhythmic beat down the alley way as she blasted Dir En Grey music through her headphones. She arrived at a gate, rang the doorbell, and soon after the gate creaked open. Megan continued onwards, making her way to Dais apartment as she walked up metal steps. She had grown pretty close to the band lately, ever since that event that went on in Fuji and Dai had helped fix the ipod her mother had given her. She lightly tapped Dais door with her knuckles and walked in. She was wearing ripped skinny jeans, a black tank top, and her hair had been dyed brown. It had given her a smoother look and toned down how much she stood out when she was around them. She took a seat a bit of ways from Dai and Kyo.

Not only had she been hanging with them recently, but she has been tagging along to things like their rehearsals or concerts, etc. Dai had invited and he had said it was ok, so she never refused. She loved their music and wouldn?t let an opportunity of listening to good music go to waste, or to even see it created.

She hung her head and scrolled through her numerous playlists, remaining quiet. It had finally caught on to her she should at least say hi and looked up.

?Sorry?um?hi,? she said simply in Japanese. She still spoke their language poorly, so when she did talk, she tried to use simple words. Since?those were the only kind she knew. It wasn?t as hard as learning French, she was just scared to get too into the language and become close to people.


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