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Article marketing is something that has been around for many decades. Collaborations existed between newspapers and companies, where the company would write article content, which the newspaper would get to publish. In exchange for the article, the newspaper would publish a little bio piece on the company. This exchange has been around for a while, and the internet has only made it easier to match up companies with writers. With the internet came internet marketing, a broad category that encompasses article writing. These two concepts blend together since article marketing needs to be a part of internet marketing, and internet marketing needs article marketing.

Article marketing is a way to get advertising for free. Businesses can advertise through the creation of articles, and internet marketing campaigns benefit by the creation of content, which raises the presence of the company behind the internet marketing campaign. Internet marketing covers many fronts, but most of them are costly, and do not provide the symbiotic benefit that the combination with article marketing provides. Within the world of ecommerce, the union of internet marketing and article marketing provides both parties with the means to get content and links back into the participating companies.

If you want to build a powerful internet marketing business, one of the best ways for you to achieve this is through article marketing. While most forms of internet marketing are not powerful enough on their own to achieve results, article marketing can create astounding results in a small amount of time because the powerful things that it does. Not only does article marketing build powerful and important one-way links from popular sites with high page ranks, but it also gives potential viewers new avenues for reaching your website, and simultaneously establishes you as an authority on the subjects that you are writing about, allowing potential visitors and customers to trust you enough to sign up for your newsletter or buy your products.

If you want to create an effective internet marketing business, using article marketing would be a wise choice. Many companies have been successful implementing only article marketing strategies, showing just how effective these strategies can be. They will allow you to create powerful one way links to your website, which will give search engines a larger reason to continue indexing you, raising your search engine results in the process. They will allow you to turn valuable and informational articles into a means of becoming an authority figure, so that customers will come to trust your word. And they will create numerous new avenues for visitors to pursue to find your website, often from places that they normally would not even be looking. If you want to create an effective internet marketing business, article marketing can make that happen for you.

Article Marketing Key To Successful Internet Marketing

Article Marketing can be the one key you need to finally become successful in Internet Marketing. However, thousands upon thousands of other hungry people like you and I have heard the same thing. Therefore you and I are going to have to master the art of article writing to beat out our competition. Some of the suggestions in this article may well be the key you need to kick start your article marketing.

Let me tell a quick story about how I started using articles to break into the Internet Marketing world. As I was getting ready to retire, I knew there was no way my family would have any kind of financial security with only the income of social security and a small pension from the federal government. So like so many others it was an easy decision for me to try my hand at Internet Marketing.

And like thousands of others I failed miserably. Then one day a good friend of mine, kicked my butt and told me to concentrate on what my strengths were. Strangely enough as the two of us brainstormed my unknown strengths and known strengths, we kept coming back to the art of writing. To make a long story short it turned out I was pretty darn good about turning out short articles.

Now what you may not realize is I just revealed one of the keys to successful article marketing. Have you figured it out yet? Sure you have! I told you a true short story.

Your readers and customers love stories, especially when they are true. You?re going to have to trust me on this; most folks know when you are stretching the truth. If you are writing an article on a particular product, make sure your story is believable.

If you don?t, get ready to not make any sales or very few sales. Furthermore, chances are when the customers you made a few sales too, find out the product doesn?t do what you said it would, they are going to ask for a refund. However, the real damage caused by this is your loss of creditability. In other words these people will never buy from you again.

Now let?s look at another truth about article marketing successfully on the Internet.

One of the most successful article directories on the World Wide Web today is Christopher Knight, the owner and prolific article writer of, advocates that when you write articles you should keep the articles short and to the point. His suggestion is to keep your articles between a minimum of 250 words to a maximum of 1000 words. Mr. Knight?s reasoning behind this is today?s readers want their information as fast and quick as they can get it. Frankly, he is absolutely correct.

The two keys discussed are just a couple of the keys you need to do article marketing on the Internet. You should take your time and explore other tips and suggestions about Internet marketing using articles.

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