Saturday, January 19, 2013

Top Telecom Companies in Australia

Australia is country number 12 of the world?s largest economies and the 5th largest when it comes to highest per capita incomes. This means that Australian companies (including the telecommunications ones) are among the most important (or at least the richest ones) in the world. Here are the top five:

Telstra Corporation Limited


This Melbourne-based telecommunications and media company is responsible for providing basic access services, mobile telecommunications services and broadband Internet access and content to most homes and businesses in Australia. It also builds, operates and markets voice, mobile, and television or internet products and services. It?s a public company and its traded as (ASX, NZX and OTC Pink)



AAPT, which is one of the biggest leading telecommunications companies in Australia (founded in 1991) and is based in New Soutn Wales, is part of the New Zealand Group and offers all sorts of services from local to long distance voice and mobile to data and Internet solutions cloud, for all kinds of customers (government, residential or business) through its extensive national network.

Austar United Communications Limited


Founded in 1994 under the name Community Entertainment Television and owned by Foxtel, this company?s main business activity is subscription television as well as internet access and mobile phones. One third of Australia?s households have subscribed their television services with Austar.

Freshtel Holdings Limited


Freshtel is a public telecommunications company founded in 2004 which develops and markets Voice over IP products and services as well as other telephony services through its subsidiaries (which incidently it owns 100%). Although it?s based in Melbourne it joined Tesco in the UK to provide the UK with internet telephony but due to important losses the agreement was aborted in 2010.

Vodafone Hutchison Telecommunications


This is a joint venture in the telecommunications industry operating in Australia. as a merger between Vodafone Australia and Hutchison 3G Australia, this has more than 7,000,000 subscribers now, to whom it provides all sorts of telecommunications services including messaging services and voide call services, videocalling, audio and music videos downloading and internet surfing.
The joint venture entity belongs to Hutchison Telecommunications Australia which is a subsidiary of Hon Kong?s Hutchinson Whampoa.


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